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Paint a Soap Kit

Paint a Soap Kit


Available in two scents: bubble gum and hot chocolate*!


Each Kit Includes:

  •    one bar of soap
  •    3 paint colours
  •    1 bottle of activator
  •    1 brush


Mix paint pigment with 10-15 drops of activator, add more drops one at a time until it reaches a normal paint consistency.  Paint the soap and allow it to dry.  It can be re-painted after each use, just make sure it dries first!


CAUTION:  To prevent staining do not allow concentrated paint mix to touch any porous surfaces.  Staining may occur if not handled carefully.  Will not stain ceramic or porcelain surfaces, but should be used with care.


soap bars:

made with: sorbitol, sodium cocoate, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, water, glycerin, titanium dioxide, parfum

composé de: sorbitol, cocoate de sodium, propylène glycol, stéarate de sodium, eau, glycérine, dioxyde de titane, parfum


activator and paint colours:

made with: isopropyl alcohol, mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide, chromium oxide green

à base de: alcool isopropylique, mica, dioxyde de titane, oxyde d'étain, oxyde de fer, oxyde de chrome vert


*hot chocolate scented soaps take on a slight brown colour from the reaction to the fragrance oil

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