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Hair Dying

Lice Removal

We are now offering in-home lice removal featuring our own natural products and the wet combing nit removal method.  We will also take the time while doing the treatment to answer any of your questions about lice and about how to make sure that there are none left in your home to cause a re-infestation after the treatment. 


One treatment should be all that you need although we cannot guarantee anything because we have no control over what happens when the treatment is finished. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent your child from rubbing heads with “ground zero” again at school the next day. We do promise that there will not be any lice, nymphs, or nits left on their head when the treatment is completed.

Cost: $60 includes an appointment at your home where we check each member of the household.  This fee also includes one treatment. If anyone else in the house needs to be treated there is an additional $20 fee per person.

*this fee only includes households in New Hamburg, additional fees may apply for further travel

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We offer a unique fundraising program for local schools and non-profit organizations. 


We manage all of the details for you with online ordering and create a custom facebook group page to aid in your advertising.  Social media is the number one way to reach more friends and family members for participants in your fundraiser.

We also offer a paper ordering package if you prefer not to use our online system.

Off to School
Kids Playing Soccer
School Bus & Children
Ballet School
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Instead of a paint night, plan a soap night for a fun and unique get together!

Invite your friends to your home to learn about making soap.  Choose your own scents and colours to add.

We offer several difficulty levels including a "melt and pour" option that does not involve participants handling chemicals.  We use the "melt and pour" soap option for ALL parties involving participants under that age of 16.

You can also learn how to make other items like bath bombs, salves, and lip balm.

Chemistry Students

Classes & Workshops

We offer customized classes and workshops for a variety of local events.

If you are interested in learning the history of soap and soap making we offer a purely educational class that includes a power point presentation.

We also offer hands on learning for beginners and advanced soap makers. 


Classes are also offered on making bath bombs, body butter, and lip balm.

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Custom Orders


We create custom orders for a variety of businesses and personal events including:

  • Bed & Breakfast Guest Soaps

  • Wedding Favours

  • Shower Favours

  • Customer Appreciation

  • Family Reunion Gifts

  • Holiday Parties

  • Employee Gifts

  • Marketing Giveaway

  • Business Promotion




All of our products are available at wholesale prices to local retailers.

We also offer exclusive custom labeling if you would like to offer products under your own business name.  We will work with you to create a custom product line, and can assist with design services for your labeling.

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